Something About Me

I suppose I can make a long list of "what I am" and "what I like" here, but in the end it won't be complete.  I'm still becoming.  I thought I'd be done with that by the time I was in my 40's (yikes, now you know), but I've figured out that the farther I go in life,  the father I am from who and what I dream about being.

It's not that my dreams haven't happened thus far.  They have.  But each night I dream again, and each morning there are daydreams to be had as well.  There's just so much I want to do, I want to be . . . .

So here's a bit of that list I mentioned earlier:

I need sunshine.
I drink only water.  (lemonade or apple juice occasionally)
I have an amazing husband who works hard so I can stay home.
I'm mother to six children.
I love trees.
My childhood was perfect.
I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
I always wanted a brother, but not so much anymore.
I have three awesome sisters.
I have anxiety and panic disorder.
I pray a lot.
I love Extreme Home Makeover.
I wish I could sing.
I'm wondering who I'm going to be when all my children are in school.
I've always wanted to dance.
I had lots of dogs growing up.
Tunnels and deep water (with creatures) terrify me.
I'm always tired.
I love to swim.
Writing words helps me figure out me.
I have insomnia.
The sound of running water soothes me.
I hide my grey hair.
I have blue eyes.
I'm dreading the day my youngest goes to kindergarten.
I would have had more babies if my body would have let me.
I have a bad back.
Seeing my children smile makes my day.
I wish I could jump on a trampoline (without my back hurting).
I love white-water rafting.
I hate snakes. 
I'm 5'10".
I love America.
I have a handsome husband.
The Cheesecake Factory makes me happy.
When I grow up I want to be a princess at Disneyland.
Helping others brings me joy.
I love massages.
I detest crudeness and vulgarity.
I'd rather hear a baby's laugh than anything.
I'm horrible at recognizing musical groups.
I'm a reader.
I'm tempted by beautiful fabrics and textiles.
I'm going to be an artist someday.
I support the United States Military.
I can stand on my head for a really long time.
I'm fascinated by words.
I believe our Lord Jesus Christ.